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Show and tell has never been
so easy.

Share ideas and solve problems with private,
one-click screencasting.

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For Support Sites

Embed the Screenr Business recorder on your support site, and resolve tickets in half the time.

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For Software Development

Give your software engineers clearer bug reports by showing them exactly what’s wrong.

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For Collaboration and Sharing

Use screencasts to collaborate on projects, share knowledge, and impress prospective customers.

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It’s much easier to grasp concepts and fix problems when you can see them.

Quickly record your computer screen and voice as you walk through an idea or issue. Screenr Business private screencasts bridge the gap between email and meetings—and improve communication in all areas of your business.

Start recording with one click with our web or desktop recorder. Or streamline processes even more by embedding our recorder into your website, support site, or business applications.

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