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Screenr Business API: Introduction

Screenr Business is a groundbreaking web-based screen recording system. It features a customizable screen recorder that embeds easily on your site, captures screencasts and posts them to your internal systems.

The Screenr Business API allows customers to easily create screencasts as part of any workflow.

Getting Started

Using the Screenr Business API is an easy, three step process.

1. Create a Screenr Business recorder and choose API for the integration option.
2. Add the Screenr Business JavaScript tag to your site.
3. Configure your screen recorder.

Create a Screenr Business Recorder

The first thing you need to do is create a recorder. Go the recorders tab and click "Create a new recorder"

Choose API as your destination and you will be given the following options:

Authorized Domain: (optional) Only allow recorder to run from this domain
Post to URL: If selected, your screencasts details will also POST to the chosen URL in JSON format
    "userName": "Username",
    "userEmail": "Email of user",
    "subject": "Subject of screencast",
    "description": "Description of email",
    "url": "The url where your screencast can be viewed",
    "id": "the id of the screencast",
    "account": "your account name",
    "embed": "the iframe embed tag for your screencast",
    "flashEmbed": "the flash embed tag for your screencast",
    "customData": [{key:'customKey',value:'customValue'}] //your custom data,
    "mp4": "The link to the mp4 video file. This link expires 1 hour after recording"
Should I use the Embed code or the MP4?
URL: (optional) URL to POST to
Username (optional) If your POST URL requires a username
Password (optional) If your POST URL requires a password

Add the JavaScript tag to your site

After you create your recorder you need to add the api code to any page on your site where you want to allow screencasts to be recorded from.

You can get the code by clicking on the embed link next to your recorder

Clicking on the embed link will show you your recorder's Javascript code. Copy this on to your page.

On the next page you'll learn more about setting up your recorder.