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We’ve mastered the recipe for screencasts.

Simple, but satisfying.

One-click recording

It’s easy to record a screencast via the web or from your desktop. Just click the record button on your company’s Screenr Business web page to create a screencast online, from anywhere. Or click the icon on your Windows system tray or Mac menu bar to start recording with the desktop recorder.

Public and private screencasts

You get to decide who sees your screencast. Send it to one person or a team, or make it available for public viewing— your choice.

Embeddable recorder

Make it easy for your customers and colleagues to create screencasts—embed the recorder on your customers’ support site, internal knowledge base, and more.

Your brand, front and center.

Recorder branding

Keep your company’s name and brand attributes top of mind by customizing the recorder’s launch button as well as the logo and text from the recorder form.

Player branding

Tailor the player to your brand—choose a light or dark player highlighted by an accent color that fits your brand.

Custom Playback Page

Display the screencast on a hosted Screenr Business site dedicated to your company. Or, if you want to brand the screencast page even more, host it on your company’s website. It’s simple to embed our playback widget.

More efficiency, smarter workflows.

Useful analytics

Is a screencast having the impact you hoped for? Get information on viewers’ locations and duration of views, plus data on average view times and most viewed screencasts.

Preset integrations

Streamline operations by sending screencasts directly to email applications and common tracking systems such as Zendesk,, FogBugz,
and YouTrack.

API for custom integration

Want to integrate the Screenr Business recorder more extensively into your existing applications and workflows? Just use our simple API to customize and integrate the recorder to fit your business.